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The construction and manufacturing industries are the largest industries among all others in terms of volume and revenue generation. The basic use of pipes in these industries is just a common occurrence. Whereas, storage for these pipes is as important as any other thing. Pipe storage racks are specifically designed to help warehouses manage their storage system in a better way.

The storage system for pipes provides organization when you want to store them and then access them easily when needed. It saves time and effort while retrieving, which improves productivity and efficiency. Also, pipe storage racks are used for the protection of pipes either they come in different shapes or sizes, you can save them from rust, moisture, and many other environmental factors.

So, here in this article, we will discuss the benefits of using pipe storage racks, their types, how they are used in industries, and many other correlated things.

Let’s get started with knowing about pipe storage racks ahead!

What Is a Pipe Storage Rack?

A pipe storage rack is a type of storage system that is designed with the basic aim of keeping the pipes safe and secure in a rack. Typically, this storage rack has shelves that might be designed vertically or horizontally (depending on the requirement of the customers). The pipe storage racks are designed using different materials that might include the following:

  • Polyethylene
  • Steel
  • Wood

Pipe storage racks are used where the pipes are stored in large quantities in a safe and efficient way. This might include warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other industries’ facilities where pipes are stored effectively. Usually, a pipe storage rack is made up of several long bars that are placed next to each other horizontally. These bars are supported by tall poles that stand upright.

Advantages of Using Pipe Storage Rack

Increased Productivity

The pipe storage racks have the ability to increase productivity in the workplace. Because of the fact that when materials are stored on the ground or when they are placed in disorganized piles then you will definitely be needing more time to find your item from the mess.

Also, you will be requiring extra labor to locate your material which will increase your labor cost and time consumption. Overall, your time will be wasted and efforts will be utilized in those tasks which no one will ever count on. The delays and reduction in productivity will be the fate of the warehouse.

Whereas, when you install a pipe storage rack in your warehouse, access to your pipe materials becomes easy. Your workers can quickly get the items required to be dispatched or used which ultimately reduces the time and effort needed to retrieve them. Also, it becomes easier for the workers to complete their tasks more efficiently and easily.

Moreover, pipe storage racks make it easier for workers to maintain an organized workspace, which can further increase productivity. When materials are stored in a neat and organized manner, it is easier to identify and resolve any potential issues, such as missing materials or damaged items.

Improved Safety

Pipe storage racks are constructed with material that can hold heavy pipes that are used as industrial pipes. The space and design provided in the rack help to better organize the pipe storage facility. The improved safety provided by the pipe storage racks reduces the risk of accidents.

For instance, the pipes can be saved from tripping and falling which might be caused due to unorganized pipe storage on the floor. The racks can hold material securely without letting the pipes slide or roll down on the workers.

Reduced Material Damage

There are benefits of keeping the materials in a proper manner. Just like storing pipes in their specifically designed racks helps to reduce material damage. Because before storing pipes in the racks, the pipes were used to be stored against the wall or on the floor. This way of keeping the pipes caused so much damage to the manufacturers.

The pipes become bent or warped during the storage process or when needed to be retrieved. But thanks to the racking system, the material stored on the racks is properly managed which reduces damages and saves you costs.

Space Maximization

With the use of pipe storage racks, it is easier for workers to maintain an organized warehouse workplace. This helps the organization to increase productivity and enhance company profit. Overall, the warehouse looks neat and tidy with an organized storage rack. Space looks completely optimized which helps to easily find and retrieve the needed material.

Storage racks are designed in such a manner that the space is completely used in an optimized way. The vertical pipe storage racks help to accommodate the pipes to their maximum level. Whatever the length, shape, and size of the pipe might be, the pipe storage racks are there to provide the needed space. Because different racks are prepared for different pipe sizes and shapes to adjust them in an efficient way.

Custom Pipe Storage Rack

Pipe storage racks are customizable according to the requirement and needs of the business and industry. Customization can be designed for specific dimensions, sizes, shapes, coating, weather conditions, weight capacities, material and any other specifications businesses want. Custom-made orders are made to meet the specifications of the businesses so that no pipe size or shape becomes a challenge for any business.

Cost Effective

The storage solutions for pipe storage are cost-effective. As they are durable and stay longer. This leads to cost savings by not buying a new racking system as a whole or a replacement. Moreover, the efficient use of space allows the management of space within the existing facility.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Pipe storage racks are designed that are easy to install and require less maintenance. The racks can be attached or mounted to the wall and withstand the wall. Now, the pipe storage racks are designed that can easily be assembled or disassembled.

So, that you can easily relocate the racks or reconfigure them when needed. Also, some racks are boltless and require less time to assemble than the usual ones.

Types of Pipe Storage Rack

There are several types of pipe storage racks that are designed specifically to serve different purposes. So, we have compiled the following types of pipe storage racks that might be useful for you in your warehouse pipe storage business.

1. Cantilever Pipe Storage Rack

Cantilever pipes are specifically designed to store long pipes that will not be fit or stored on the traditional storage rack. These storage racks are extended from the vertical column in order to hold long sizes of pipes. Using cantilever pipe racks for your business will allow for easy holding and storing without causing damages like bending or dents.

The cantilever pipe rack consists of arms and columns where the pipes are stored on the arms to balance the racks and the weight of the pipes is supported by the vertical column at the end. This way your workers can easily load or unload materials without causing them harm and accidents. Cantilever pipe racks are best to store heavy and bulky materials. Usually, the arms of the cantilever racking system are spaced apart 36’’, 48’’, and 60’’.

Cantilever racks can be stored indoors and outdoors depending upon their usage. If we talk about the cost of a cantilever rack for pipes then it is the most cost-effective method among all other ways. The cost usually depends on the size, height, capacity, and length of the rack. Even if the standard size of the rack does not adjust the pipe size, then custom orders are not costly. Their durability and long-lasting performance make them perform for many years and are to be used outdoors as well.

You can opt for two types of cantilever racking configurations according to the layout of the warehouse and the pipes you are storing. One is the single-sided cantilever rack and the other is named a double-sided cantilever rack. Double-sided cantilever racks are designed to store high-density materials as compared to single-sided cantilever racks.

These are the benefits of using cantilever racks for pipes:

  • Heavy-duty storage option provides higher storage capabilities.
  • It provides ease of assembly and adjustability like boltless and slot-in components that enable easy and fast installation.
  • Provides increased storage space
  • Easy rack accessibility

2. Horizontal Pipe Storage Rack

The horizontal pipe storage racks are designed to store the pipes horizontally. These easy-to-access racks ensure easy loading and unloading of materials from the rack. Horizontal pipe racks are ideally used to store material that is shorter or when the material needs to be stored flat.

Horizontal pipe storage racks consist of arms and bars that hold the heavy pipes gracefully. Also, the arms can be adjusted according to the requirements. The arms of the racks are designed in such a manner that no pipe can fall off or roll off the rack on its own.  Horizontal pipe racks are kept open that allow easy loading and unloading of materials from three sides.

Horizontal pipe racks come in different designs and specifications which include, single-sided design, varying arm slot heights, powder coat finish, and compact design for minimal floor space.

3. Vertical Pipe Storage Rack

In general, vertical storage space utilization is considered to be more efficient because it takes less space and stores more items vertically. With space maximization traits, vertical storage racks for pipes are easier to access and organize as compared to others. You can store steel bars, tubing, pipes, and many other items related to pipes.

Vertical pipe storage racks enable businesses to work with the odd length pipes and not consider them scrap or discard them. Vertical storage racks allow for storing every size and shape of the pipe within itself. Because of its vertical positioning storage capacity.  But it is ideally used to store shorter-length pipes.

In general, pipe storage racks in vertical position measure 10’’ wider on each side that can handle a capacity of 1500 lbs. per bay.  A vertical rack comes in a powder coat with a blue finish if you order them in standard specifications.

Using vertical storage racks can help you to improve organization space and efficiency, enhance safety, and enjoy cost-effectiveness. Vertical racks can also be made on customization, so you can get the suitable size for your pipes with no fear of damage.

4. Stacking Pipe Storage Rack

Stacking storage racks are used for businesses that require more space because they store large quantities of materials. Stack racking for pipes is stacked on top of each other which saves space and helps to organize the space efficiently. Stacking racks are not permanently installed or bolted to concrete. Therefore, there is flexibility in these storage racks to move in different dimensions. But remember this way the loading and unloading option gets fewer.

In general, the stacking pipe provides a load capacity of 2500 to 7500 lbs. If you add more stacking racks to the row, there can be longer and heavier loads of pipes to be stored in it. The accessibility of stacking racks is limited because access can only be provided from the end which prevents forklifts from lifting the load upwards.

Also, the stacking racks cost less than the cantilever pipe racking but these racks are not long enough. Therefore, if you are going for stacking racking for pipes then keep an extra budget for additional units that will accommodate greater lengths of pipes.

Stack racks should be done correctly so that the material does not get damaged or ruined. So, training should be provided to the staff and workers to keep the material secure.

5. Pallet Racks for Pipe Storage

The most common storage system to keep the items organized is the use of a pallet racking system. Pallet racks are made to store items on the pallets to help businesses to organize and manage materials well. These storage racks use forklifts to load and unload material and move bulk items more quickly and efficiently.

To store the pipes in the pallet racking system, you need to first place the pipes on the pallets and then pallets shall be placed on the racks with the help of the forklifts. There can be different orientations used to load pipes on the pallets which actually depends on the size and shape of the pipes. For instance, you can place the pipes horizontally or vertically depending on the efficiency of the storage and the practicality of the warehouse.

Now that the pipes are loaded on the pallet racks, you can easily access the pipes and retrieve them whenever you need them. With the help of forklifts, it will be easier to lift them up and move them on to the other places in the warehouse.

The benefit of using a pallet racking system for pipe storage is that you can utilize a small area to store pipes in large quantities. This way you can efficiently manage your warehouse which will eventually enhance the warehouse’s effectiveness.

Also, pallet racks can be customized for pipe storage according to the requirements of the businesses. Businesses can choose different rack sizes for different pipes and reconfigure them as per the need.

6. Mobile Racks for Pipe Storage

Mobile racks, as the name suggests, are movable racking systems that help the warehouses to store the items on the shelves and keep moving them when needed. This way you can save time and energy for bringing or unloading materials and moving them using other objects like warehouse cars.

Mobile racks help the worker to easily access the material when it is needed and retrieve them quickly. The mobile racking system for pipe storage helps to provide more space by eliminating the space that is wasted between rows of racks. Mobile racks are mounted on the wheels which allows them to move back and forth that creates an aisle when you need to access a specific area to get specific material.

As compared to the traditional racking system, a mobile racking system can save up to 50 % of the storage capacity. Also, it provides easy accessibility to the material by moving forwards and backward and creating an aisle. Mobile racks for pipes are designed keeping the safety feature in mind that helps to reduce accidents and mishaps.

The mobile racks can be mishandled or accidentally moved in an opposite direction but to address this issue, sensors and safety features are installed in these racks. The sensors can then detect obstructions and mishandling in the aisle.


Pipe storage racks are made differently according to the requirements of the businesses. They can be made customized to accommodate pipes of every size, shape, height, and length. Storage racks for pipes can vary in their costs because of what one type of storage rack offers the other lead in some other specification.

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